The “Tarses Family Toilets” at MASS MoCA. Named museum “gallery” or estate planning joke?

IMG_2682 (002) 16605260788_20d34384f0_zThe “Rachel and Jay Tarses Emergency Exit”? The “Tarses Family Toilets”?  I spotted these unusual (and somewhat amusing) named “galleries” on my recent visit to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Walking through the museum, my initial thought was that this was evidence of charitable gift planning gone awry.  Here’s what I theorized may have happened.  Mr. and Mrs. Tarses made a generous charitable donation to MASS MoCA – during their lifetimes, from a Trust, or even after their deaths – without imposing any restrictions on its use.  Out of available galleries to name, scholarships to endow, or other respectable naming opportunities, MASS MoCA decided to take the money but be utilitarian and name the emergency exit and the toilets in their honor.  Poor Tarses family!  I can only imagine the angry call that was made to that Estate Planning attorney!  Perhaps, I thought, I should reconsider my typical recommendation that clients give unrestricted charitable gifts to avoid future hassles and litigation.

But, after a little research, I think my initial thought was wrong.  The named emergency exit and toilets were an irreverent joke – a snub to stuffy art museums, overeager museum development officers, and stodgy estate planning attorneys.  How do I know?  Jay Tarses is a very successful American television comedy writer and producer.  He started in the 1960s as a production assistant for Candid Camera.  He made his name (and presumably his money) in the 1970s as the creator of The Carol Burnett Show and The Bob Newhart Show, and later produced The Slap Maxwell Show and The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.  He’s been credited as a maverick in the development and popularity of the half-hour comedy series, and proclaims himself a Hollywood outsider.  He’s also a MASS MoCA Trustee.

In short, it seems Jay Tarses is an irreverent, funny guy who likes to be unique.  The manner in which he has made charitable gifts seems to be no exception.  If you, like Jay Tarses, wish to accomplish a unique goal as part of your estate or charitable gift planning, a good estate planning attorney can help.  Just be sure it’s one who’ll get the joke.

Image of emergency exit from flickr, Frank Hebbert.

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